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How does it work?

The Wingguard System consists of eight wireless Distance Measuring Sensors, one Control Panel, a portable case with built in charger, and an extension pole.

Seven wireless Distance Measuring Sensors are placed on the aircraft, one is placed on the back of the tow vehicle, and the Control Panel is placed on the tow vehicle for the operator to view.


  • Wireless range to support large aircraft using industry standard wireless technology.
  • Includes rugged carrying and storage case with integrated charging platform.
  • Up to 11 hour battery life with lithium-ion battery platform.
  • Audio and visual alerts warn drivers during cautious situations.
  • Adjust the sensor alert distance for different airport and environmental conditions.
  • Optional engine “kill” feature for extra protection.
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See Wingguard in action!

View our Wingguard in action gallery to see how easily Wingguard provides aircraft protection against ground incident occurrences.