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The Problem.

Many aircraft suffer unnecessary damage on the ground while being towed and maneuvered in and around the airport environment. This includes being towed in and out of aircraft hangars as well as being towed in the proximity of ground equipment that supports aircraft operations. When the damage does occur, this is commonly known as “hangar rash” or ground incident occurrences. These incidences unfortunately happen too often. The result of the damage can be very costly to fix as well as costly due to the time of the equipment being unusable. The purpose of the Wingguard System is to provide an innovative aide that can be used to help limit the occurrence of such incidents.

The Solution.

Wingguard was developed by aircraft owners for aircraft owners. It encompasses over 5 years of research and development and real world testing. Wingguard is a patent protected product that utilizes the latest wireless technology coupled with aviation standards and best practices. To learn more about business opportunities with Wingguard please contact us.